Often people are hesitant to visit an unfamiliar worship assembly. We want you to feel comfortable and welcome when you choose to visit us. Here is what you can expect:

As our honored guest you will be greeted cordially. Our congregation is a diverse group of ages and backgrounds. The gospel is for all, and we are all one in Christ. 

Our worship is heartfelt and celebrative.  You'll see people raising their hands as an expression of worship, others clap their hands in rhythm as we sing.  Our worship is led by a team of musicians who play a variety of instruments including guitar, keyboard, bass guitar, and drums.  Many of us stand during our worship in song; we invite you to join us, but if you are more comfortable, you are free to remain seated. 

Prayer: Prayer times are less formal than in some congregations.  The Worship Leader, Pastor, or another congregational leader will lead in times of prayer.  We often take time to pray for those who are sick.  The Pastor and other Elders will usually go to where the person needing pray is sitting or standing, and often others will gather around as we pray.  

Communion: We usually celebrate the Lord's Supper on the first Sunday of the month.  We practice open communion; inviting all who believe in Jesus as their savior, and follow Him as a disciple, to partake in this ordinance as He instructed.

Preaching and teaching: Accurate and relevant Bible teaching is an important element of our worship.  Pastor Jasonusually preaches in series; often preaching through a book of the Bible and sometimes preaching a series on a particular topic such as "The Family."  Our goals in preaching and teaching are to increase knowledge of God's word, to offer practical application of Scriptural truths, and, most importantly, always point listeners, no matter where they are in life, towards Jesus Christ.